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Almost Killed Over a Formula on How to Win the Lottery, GuaranteedAlmost Killed Over a Formula on How to Win the Lottery, Guaranteed

Cold Steel

Larry felt as cold as ice against the revolver’s steel, but he noticed that little sweat drops began to build up on his forehead. These were quickly rubbing his eyes and trickling down to his face.

Now that I have done it, and figured out how the lottery works, I am going mad, thought Larry Blair, Oklahoma mathematics professor. The gunmen prodded Larry with the muzzle and demanded he join them. Larry’s thoughts began racing.

My family thought that if I went with these guys, I likely won’t see them again because of my formula for winning the lottery guaranteed. They were in the mall parking garage.

“What do ya want?” he asked. The light breeze brought out the faint smell of food frying.

The smaller of two gun men snapped, pressing the steel muzzle against his head. They wanted his formula for winning the lottery, although not guaranteed. However, it had increased his odds of winning by 48% to nearly 2 odds.

Bold Action

The professor made a bold decision. He realized that he could make a better chance of winning the lottery now, in a public area, even if he didn’t reveal the secrets to him. It had taken him eight years to devise his winning strategy เว็บหวย. After eight years and three more lottery wins, he was finally facing his death. The professor grimaced, then he flung himself from their grasp.

He doesn’t remember hearing the gun go off, and it wasn’t until he was far away that he noticed blood coming out of his foot. The reason they shot him in the foot instead of the back is a mystery. He would have been useless to them if they didn’t know how to win the lottery.

The Professor has been quiet since then and no longer sells his information on how to win the guaranteed lottery. Instead, he lives quietly with his family.


Gaming of chance is not as egregious as it may appear at first glance. Probability is not a sham if you know how to use it. Although probability cannot guarantee you a win, it can help you predict the outcome of an event, such as winning the lottery.

The odds of one lottery ticket being sold to win a lotto were 1,000,000 to 1,000,000. If less than a million tickets are sold, chances of winning the lottery fall to less than 1. The odds of anyone winning the lottery are very low.

Take Die as an illustration

While two dice together make a pair, one die by itself is considered a die. Now let’s look at the die. The die has six sides so it is reasonable to expect that each side will appear at least once in six throws. Let’s suppose you chose a 3. If you picked a 3, on average, you would win once every six throws.

You could also count the throws. If a 3 does not appear within a given sequence of 6 throws, your chances of it happening are greater. Your chances of seeing a 3, in other words, are greater the longer it doesn’t appear on a roll.

The Guarantee

This math was used to develop Professor Blair’s method of winning the lottery. It’s interesting to see the guarantee part. You can listen to the entire story and you’ll win the lottery.